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[Social Networking Capability] - All WDA products must be capable of generating Social Sites that comprise a larger Social Network of site owners. Each individually generated website must support / allow for users who in turn have accounts with privileges and profiles.

[Automatic Hosting] - All WDA products should allow the instantaneous hosting and automatic publication of any generated websites.

[HTML/CSS Templates] - All WDA products allow you to choose from the available templates and instantly Hot-Swap then whenever you like, without losing any content (the main difference between a free-form designed website and a template based one is that a free form site can not allow you to change the visual design after it has been populated with content. Conversely, a template site cannot allow you as much graphical control). All available templates output by WDA solutions must be 'Responsive' (Mobile ready).

[Deployability] - All WDA products must be capable of deploying a single version onto a Local computer, Intranet, Internet and Cloud based platforms. This is crucial because the legacy solutions that Web Design Automation products are designed to replace, require multiple versions and in most cases completely different product architectures to cover the install spectrum.

[Scalability] - All WDA products must be capable of generating unlimited amounts of websites. Limits should be physical in the sense that the hosting device itself has a limited storage space. This again is of importance because the legacy technology that WDA replaces was limited in that it could not output unlimited amounts of sites or create Social Networks on large scales. Secondly, the individual sites generated by the platforms should have the ability to ad unlimited pages to a site (site-mapped or not). This last stipulation allows for individual website owners to create unlimited additional pages of content on a site beyond what the graphical template they have chosen is limited to. This functionality is required because historically any free-form webmaster can author and publish as many pages on a website as the web server will store.

[Extensibility] - All WDA products allow you to build applications that take advantage of that platforms capabilities. An example would be that you install a WDA product like The SoNET Web Engine onto your domain and make it public, then you build a mobile application that allows others to take advantage of your service. This allows for "headless" interactivity with the product which gives gives developers the flexibility of displaying data from an installation, any way they choose. Typically a RESTful API and a standard Widget kit are provided for WDA products.

[Template Importing Kit] - All WDA products make available to you a template kit that allows you to import and use any of the millions of free HTML/CSS templates available on the internet in that product. The template kit should automatically do most of the conversion task needed to import a new design and make it available within the system for use on sites. No more than 1 hour of time should be needed to add a new random template to the system using these kits, given a very basic understanding of HTML/CSS.

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