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The Best Web Content Management System -or- #CyberSecurityNOW -or- Admin This!

The Winner and still WCMS Champion of the World! -The SoNET Web Engine, by iRadek Software.

Since 2007 one of the best web content management systems available to the public has been The SoNET Web Engine which was the world's first WDA (Web Design Automation) platform for dynamic websites and is still the fastest WCMS known. The fact that after 12 years on the market nothing is faster at producing websites shows how it's designers were literally eons ahead of Silicon Valley and Mumbai in not just capability but forethought. No other web technology product has had such a long reign in the modern Internet era and it is likely that none ever will again as Quantum Computing will undoubtedly level many playing fields as it makes former barriers and impasses disappear.

Runner Up and still the most popular Blogging Platform with add-on modules ever created! - WordPress, by "Everybody".

WordPress is a close runner up but has too many security vulnerabilities to be taken seriously for any business applications besides advertising and marketing past 2017. There is no way to turn back the Cyber-Security clock and the Internet has become too dangerous to use WP without an actual professional administrator. The undeniable reason for the previous statements are that it is open source and there has been no quality control program to ensure the thousands of plugins available were even designed with any secure development practices whatsoever; hence the endless security fails, endless updates and frequent crashes. Still, for the "Not my CMS" crew and in it's defense; it won the popular vote, so there's that.

The other reason WP lost is that it is too complex for the people who are NOT already using it. WP is the main reason why other WCMS platforms now exist, it's too hard to administrate. People do NOT want to "install" anything or "learn" anything, especially in the USA where technological literacy is low but technology consumption is high. Customers in the US just want things to work instantly without much effort or even a measurable learning curve. You do NOT need a tutorial to use any of the popular Social Media platforms but to administer WP you had better do some learning or your install will get "hacked" in a very short time-frame. This is why usage has peaked where it is for the last 5 years. More people have to be born then reach a technical sophistication level where they can use it for WP to gain market share, whereas with The SoNET Web Engine, you simply find a service provider powered by it and literally click one button to instantly generate a website with everything included in about 2 seconds, where everything simply works immediately and everything is secure; no upgrades, no modules, no coding, no guru's, no third-party modules loaded with spyware, no phishing worries and no wasted time or money.

The rest of the pack - Joomla et al, by "Tech Companies for Techies"

There are a plethora of other things that can be used to make a public website and some of them are also WCMSystems. Do they matter, sure but there is already enough cheer-leading online for mega-billion dollar corporations peddling "also ran" technology to people who can afford it or people who can make it work somehow but we can't be bothered to write about any of that; so that's a thing as well.


Experience the fastest way to create a website on the planet since 2007 -

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Q. Is WordPress, Drupal or Joomla the best WCMS?

No. WordPress, Drupal and Joomla have great marketing and started out with millions of dollars from investors to advertise. On top of that they started long enough ago that a whole generation of people don't know any other choices. This is great for those corporations but not for the consumer who never gets a chance to try any other solutions as the cheerleader's for the top choices have been programmed to drown out any other considerations. There is something to be said about mob mentality and group thinking. Usually it's all bad. This is exactly why there seem to be only so many quality brands. The truth is that 90% of people are very easily manipulated and they don't really want to look for the right solutions they just want the most popular solutions, so others don't question their choices and they fit in. This is why you hear the same 100 songs on any radio station. You are supposed to. Anyone who says anything different than what was just stated lives in a fantasy world or may actually think they are in the 10% of thinkers on planet Earth. The thinkers usually do not identify themselves as experts in any area so you have been warned about the other 90%. Wordpress is for people with some IT/Computer skill and must be administrated. Joomla and Drupal are both more difficult than that. These are the reasons why instant websites are so popular. People do NOT want to learn how to build websites or administer them, they just want them up and running, instantly. Since 2007 there has been only one WCMS available, period, that will allow anyone to operate a service that produces instant, hosted websites, intranet or Internet immaterial. Fill out the form for more information. The bottom line is that if YOU want to try something else then this is different and can open a whole new set of real possibilities for you.